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I spent my childhood travelling with my family across many countries and I was inspired by poetry and songs of many cultures. I started to create artwork from an early age and went on to meet likeminded people amongst communities of artists, poets and musicians. Now I curate and design the collections for the Fortune4Seasons™ - a romantic hand made collection of contemporary artwork, prints, jewellery, hand-painted fabrics and fashion accessories inspired by passionate poetry and songs of all ages and cultures. The Fortune4Seasons ™ Romany Collection has been inspired by the legends of the Romany Gypsies and it is dedicated to raising awareness of this creative and rich culture. Romany people descended from the North of India are one of the most vulnerable and persecuted racial groups in Europe in both peaceful and any conflict situations and yet Romany culture is based on playful creativity and joy. The Romany language is spoken in Europe yet there are no opportunities to learn this language formally. The joyful Romany songs and poems of inspire our jewellery adorned with glass, semi-precious and mother-of-pearl beads, both intricate and light making it perfect for travel: as it will not weigh down your luggage. Our silk scarves and shawls make colourful rich contemporary additions to any basic wardrobe and lengths of hand-painted silk are available for you to create outfits of your own design. We also offer limited edition signed prints and hand painted silk which makes gorgeous curtains, throws, cushions and other home furnishings. View all posts by Fortuna

One thought on “Hand-Painted Silk Fabric

  1. I love your silk scarves. The colors and patterns are absolutely beautiful

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