upcycled hand crafted roses

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Thes are made completly by hand! I use tissue paper,and or book pages and floral wire, and to stiffen roses I use a coat of hair spray and spray starch, and I dazzle them up with nail polish and or loose glitter! It’s a very long process from start to finish,(but I love the end result, and mixing up tissue paper with book pages from old out dated and even damaged books )but since I am sick a lot and can not work, its a job I can do sitting down. I am hoping to sell them this summer to make some extra cash to buy more crafting supplies and also to help out with the bills!10440890_10202357730813750_2953810316305078168_n

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  1. Sarah Smith says:

    These are adorable! well done!

  2. Karla Russo Karla Russo says:

    Absolutely stunning. If I were to get married again, I would consider these as a centerpiece.

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