Sunflower Vase, Sunflower Candle Holder

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Sunflower candle holder/vase made as glass on glass stained glass mosaic – 100% recycled materials.

This beautiful yellow candle holder is made with recycled clear glass vase and stained glass scrap as a mosaic sunflower. A bright yellow, orange and deep burgundy glass makes the sunflower design, and bright blue fills in the background imitating the sky.

Each glass piece is hand cut, arranged in a bursting sunflower design, grouted light gray and sealed.

Keep it in a sunny window and this little glass vase explodes in a bright yellow sunflower, or light up a tea light inside and turn this sunflower into a cozy candle holder.

Size: 4.5″ (tall) x 4.25″ square (top) x 3″ square (bottom).

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