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Red Heart Decoration

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DSCN2006 (2592 x 3456)Art can be made on everything! Art is everywhere.

The red heart is painted on the surface of an old CD, that is why the colours brilliant and sparkling and the photo actually isn´t able to show the whole play of colours – it depends a lot of the sight angle, the weather, the sun light… Each time this decor looks a bit different.
The upcycling helps to take care of our planet, let´s not forget about it.

I use waterbased glass paints and waterbased varnish – but although they are waterbased, they are stable and water-resisitent once dry.

On the backside of any piece you can find my signature, my personal rakkan. It is a special Japanese personalized stamp, used with special ink, that says the artist´s name. The mine says “Anna”.

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