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Red Christmas Bow Stained Glass Christmas Ornament 7 inches

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Made with lead-free solder.

Dimensions: Approximately 7″ wide X 5.5″ tall

Availability: Handmade to Order – Please allow 1 – 2 weeks for me to handcraft your stained glass Christmas bow ornament just for you.

Great gift idea!

Description: Each red bow stained glass Christmas ornament measures about 7 inches and makes a beautiful addition to your Christmas decor. These stained glass Christmas bows are handcrafted with rough rolled textured ruby red cathedral stained glass.

The pieces of these red Christmas bow window decorations are drawn, cut, ground and foiled by hand, using the Tiffany style stained glass method, aka copper foil. Each piece is foiled with silver backed copper foil and soldered with lead-free solder. The red stained glass bow Christmas ornaments are then polished with carnauba wax for shine and to prolong oxidation. Silver thread is attached for hanging.

Big Christmas Bow Stained Glass 1

Big Christmas Bow Stained Glass 4

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