Peppermint Candy Earrings

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If you’re looking for something sweet and spicy you’ll adore our peppermint swirl candy earrings. They’re post earrings and they fit snugly to your earlobes. I have a green pair or a red pair that would be perfect for the holidays as well as a light pink pair for everyday use.

Each earring is made with plastic earring posts, rubber earring backs, and a jewelry grade adhesive, GS Hypo cement, for hypoallergenic qualities.

I recommend using a lubricant when putting your earrings in as they are not metal posts. Something like bactine, a saltwater soak, or plain old water. This will make first wearing the earrings more comfortable.

I recommend avoiding any activities with water while wearing your earrings unless you are able to remove them for a short time.


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We are two fraternal twins who run an inexpensive shop for those who enjoy being able to buy things for themselves or others without breaking the bank. Hannah makes the jewelry after she discovered it was hard to find jewelry due to her metal sensitivity. Heather started making soaps and bathbombs because she understands how frustrating it is to have sensitive skin and finding soaps that won't exacerbate it. Everything they make at home.

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