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Handmade clay Tea Stand

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craft is an activity involving skill in making things by hand.

To me, it’s very clear that clay is one of the best materials to express our creative skill and imagination by hand to form 3 dimensional clay models or art pieces. It helps to bring out the artist and child in us

Handmade Tea stand made up of clay and wood .Each flower and leaf is made of clay completely handmade ..

Has two themes in Tea stand. One side gives you the feel of country side and another side gives you the feel of river side of a village.

At last given a Resin finish to give a Glossy look and Glass feel at the top of the Stand.

Tea stand is waterproof,can be cleaned easily with wet cloth to keep it look beautiful always.

The clay Tea Stand will be carefully packaged in bubble wrap, then with a sheet of thermocol on all sides and even soft thermocol beans will be added to give a cushion to the product.It will be finally packed in a carton box so that the clay Tea Stand is delivered safely to you door.

All products are shipped from India via the Indian speed post to keep your shipping time less .

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