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Handcrafted Statement Piece that Speaks for Itself. Frost and Ice for Holiday Cheer

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This fabulous piece, the center is of metallic champagne, with champagne gold and silver leaves to match. It is surrounded by silver vintage flowers, frosted beads, and rhinestones, brass leaves, and mother of pearl leaf-like swirls with vintage pieces and briolettes embellished withing the cluster of my Winter Wonderland.’>il_570xN.1081610244_dcde

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Karla Russo

About the Author:

A Passion that I Turned Into Fashion: I started using healing stones for personal use, then decided to make them into precious jewelry to wear. I have found surrounding myself with these Natural Wonders of the Earth and wearing them...has made a difference in my life. Hype or Natural ! You decide. Getting to know people that believe in the same avenue of life that I have, has been awarding on its own. Natural Stone; Stones on the Beach, Ammonites, Crystals, anything Mother Nature has made; amazes me ! How long has it been here, where did it come from, the colors, did anyone else see this stone.....was it here at the 'very beginning"? All these questions run through my mind....and then it just marvels me. I can't go to a beach anymore to relax or swim, I hear rocks and shells calling me....So I get up and start my journey... Sometimes, It may be the road less traveled, but I love it . ? All my jewelry is from natural stones from all over the world, Madagascar, Peru, Egypt, Israel, India and other places in this world we live, that is known to have a mysterious, magical history for healing and spiritual wisdom. All stone pieces are one of a kind, do to no stone or crystal is a duplicate. Like snowflakes, Mother Nature makes them individually with their own vibration, energy, and color. This also applies to the Czech glass and crystal pieces. Although Czech Glass is man-made...the history behind it and how they make it...I believe Mother Nature has a hand in it !!! Too beautiful to not incorporate. I have broadened my boundaries, lately and have gotten myself into buried treasures of days gone by. Vintage and Antique pieces and jewelry, I now incorporate into my Collection; Where Something Old becomes New for You.

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