Genuine Natural Sea Glass Drop Earrings

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I recently came upon a gorgeous batch of genuine, natural sea glass, and I was lucky enough to have several pairs of stones similar enough to make earrings! While some sea glass stones are ground down into smooth geometric shapes for jewelry, I prefer the organic edges and curves of natural sea glass; thus, these stones are totally untouched. Each stone is utterly unique.

Ear wires are silver-toned stainless steel “fish hook” style findings, attached to the stones with delicate silver bails.

I currently have two colors available (though I hope to add more soon!): green (olive-colored, but gets brighter when held up to the light) and sky blue. Both beautiful!

These simple but elegant earrings make great gifts for sea glass lovers, and for anyone that loves the beach. It’s like having a little piece of the ocean you can take with you anywhere!

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