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Felted Scarf Neckpiece. Wrap scarf. Bright blue & black Elegant winter accessory. Folk style


Felted Scarf Neckpiece. Wrap scarf. Bright blue & black Elegant winter accessory. Folk style

Much more beautiful than the picture!

This gorgeous very soft and light felted scarf made from natural materials: very soft merino wool 18 microns. Scarf decorated woolen fabric in folk style.

Pleasant to touch feels silky on the skin and would be a good accessory for your elegant clothes. It is pleasure to wear it.
This beautiful scarf can be a great gift for you or your loved one.

Size approximately: long 110 cm (43.3 in)
width 25 cm (9.8 in)

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    `m Fiber Artist and Designer by felting My style trend is Handmade Accessories: Felted Scarves, Collars, Shawls, Handbags, Covers, Wall Decor and many more. I’ve loved to do crafts ever since my childhood, where my mother was my teacher and mentor. She taught me everything about sewing and knitting since she did it perfectly. Working with unusual materials and making original things is my passion and wool is my favorite material to use. When I was introduced to wool and was created Handmade Accessories, I searched the Internet for information about felting and taught myself the art of wet felting, which in turn, I created my own unusual style. Learning never stops as I’m constantly learning how to use new types of wool, combinations of wool and different fibers and fabrics. Wool is the epitome of luxury, it’s completely natural and felt makes us feel warm and comforted. No matter the garment or accessory , it always looks elegant and chic. Everything that I create, I constitute a pattern and I always count the amount of material since I use only high quality materials. My products are made of wool, natural fabric, natural fiber, water and natural Turkish olive soap and because of these materials; my products easily withstand rain and snow. My products are soft, thin, cloud-like in texture and very long lasting.

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