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Featured Artist Anne of Made for Me by Oaklie


Some seem to be ready to sell their handmade creations from the crib while others take it on as a business a bit later in life.  That doesn’t mean they are not creative…far from it!  One such creative soul is Anne Hopfer who began crocheting at her Grandmother’s knee who taught her, according to Anne, in order to keep her out of her hair for a while!  Whatever the reason for teaching her, I’m sure that Anne’s grandmother had no idea she was starting Anne on a life long fiber obsession.

front1_0b92318122012091835Anne is a vibrant lady who lives with her darling husband of 17 years and her furry kids.  She loves life which includes working in her garden, weather permitting, and playing the piano and recently renewing her love of painting and drawing which she had put aside for a time.  She has found that there just isn’t enough time in her day to do all the things she wants to do, which I understand all too well.

After learning to crochet, Anne decided to pick up knitting.  She taught herself out of a How To book and is now unstoppable.  She admits that the yarn isle of the craft store is a very dangerous place for her to go, but for the rest of us, we get to be graced with beautiful creations of afghans, vests, hats, place mats, and now even fashion accessories that have to be seen to be believed.  Bright colors, matching her vibrant personality and fun patterns make Anne’s work something special.

front1_6f75817122012111055For many years, Anne’s creations were purely a hobby, then life stepped in.  In 2008 she was laid off from her job and found it difficult to find another one.  Rather than wallow in self pity, Anne took what she loved and Made for Me by Oaklie was born.  She jumped into online selling, teaching herself everything from pictures to descriptions to promotion and admits that it was a bumpy ride.  She has grown over the years and has now added the job of promoting other’s handmade work along with her own on On Fire for Handmade where she promotes artist and hosts contests.

Me?  Sell my creations?  According to Anne, dive in if you are “ready for an exciting journey….just realize that it doesn’t happen quickly!  There is no magic potion to selling online.  It is just a lot of hard work and dedication.”  This dedication is what makes Made for Me by Oaklie so special….dedication to artists, crafting, her own creations, and quality.

front1_2382027092012025303Are you ready to see what a determined lady can do with a couple of knitting needles and a stash of yarn?  Check out her shop on Handmade Artists as well as her stand alone website OakliesFashions.  You can track her on Facebook and follow her day to day adventures and see what great artist she is showing off.  Speaking of, if you love handmade work, stop in at On Fire for Handmade to see her latest contest featuring some amazing work!

Anne is a tireless supporter of all things handmade and we appreciate it so much.  Artists that struggle to get noticed know how special it is to have one of their pieces featured, and Anne never lets them down…so thank you, Anne, from all of us!

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A life long crafter, I found my passion in painting on glass, especially toasting glasses for brides, as well as chainmaille jewelry in between chasing my two boys to various sports events and clubs. This passion for handmade led my husband and I to start the and our passion for getting other handmade artists seen no matter where they sell led to acquiring It's Better Handmade! My hope is that by working with other creative people more buyers will come to understand the true value of handmade.

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  1. UniqueNique says:

    She is a most amazing lady and a force to be reckoned with in the handmade world. Thank you for the great feature on Anne

  2. admin admin says:

    Love Anne’s work! Great post 😀

  3. lisianblue says:

    Anne makes some lovely items, and is a great supporter of hand made!

  4. she has some amazing items…and a second shop, myhelpinghand, where she offers her graphic design skills. a wonderful woman indeed.

  5. wonderful feature. congrats ann! and thank you for all you do!

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