Fairy Tree House Lantern

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Fairy Tree-house Lantern.
Handsculpted polymer clay details attached to a green frosted glass lantern.
Design includes a tree-trunk on one side with a green-leaf door set into it with stone steps curving up the side to the do. Along the stone stairway you’ll find a number of genuine quartz crystals, crystal clusters, a druzy gem, and various iridescent glass bubble gems. Along with a small bronze-toned key hanging from the leaf door-handle on the door.
On the opposite side are 2 large pearlescent blue mushrooms with titanium coated quartz crystal points.
The lid is a tree-top tower with a window – which lights up with a soft glow when the LED candles inside are turned on.
Inside the lantern is a fairy silhouette which can be seen from the outside of the lantern when the flickering flame LED candles are turned on inside. (2 tea light candles are included)

Lantern stands at about 6.5″ tall and hangs from a 9″ tall metal stand.

Entirely One of a Kind, all polymer clay details are handsculpted and finished with pearlescent pigments and acrylic paints. Pearlescent details are sealed with a clear and non-toxic varnish.

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I am a fantasy artist, I specialize in Faery costume accessories such as ornate handmade masquerade masks, floral crowns, occasional fairy wings, and the odd bit of Steampunkery. I like to dabble in a bit of everything, most recently Whimsical Garden Mushrooms, but also Tooth Fairy gifts for children.

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