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E.O. (Essential Oil) Pendant Diffuser

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Interchangeable pendants: Molehill Mountain Art has developed a unique and beautiful way to customize your Molehill Mountain jewelry accessories. You only need one necklace/chain, with one attached Molehill Mountain crown. Now you’re all set to easily change your pendants to match your outfit or mood! For all of our customers that purchased our previous work, they will fit our new crowns and can be worn with one of our selections of necklaces.

We also designed interchangeable pendants that are made specifically for essential oils. These pendants are designed so that the oil is dropped into  a surgical grade, stainless steel ‘vase’, hidden within the pendant. We tuck a little cotton into the vase so it’s ready for you to add your favorite oils and enjoy a bit of aromatherapy on the go! The cotton captures the oil, preventing it from spilling. It’s also easily changeable.

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