Contemporary Stained Glass Mosaic Panel – Abstract (PLG051)

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These are stained glass mosaic panels of various colors of glass in an abstract design. As you can see I truly hate to waste any pieces of glass. The glass squares of various sizes are made up of various clear transparent glasses, semi transparent glasses and opalescent glasses. One panel is made up of a few vertical glass pieces while the other has more square pieces of glass. I used a black mosaic grout between the glass on each mosaic panel which looks great with the bright colors of glass. Just lots of bright fun colors make up these pieces to put a smile on your face, especially as the sun shines through all the various colors of glass. I put these pieces of mosaic glass in a reclaimed cedar frame that I made which came from an old cedar fence panel. The width of the frame is approximately 1″ on all four sides. These frames are complete with silver hooks and a matching black chain.

Each piece measures approximately 9.5″ x 11.5″ inches which includes the frame (but not the chain when measuring). Please note that one design panel hangs vertically while the other design panel hangs horizontally. These items would look great in any window and the various colors of glass just light up when the sun comes through! They are complete and ready to hang with chain in any window or on any wall.

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