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Colorful Retro Style Stained Glass Candleholder

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A Colorful Blue Stained Glass Mosaic Candleholder/Bowl.

I used a large recycled clear glass candleholder to make this unique colorful candleholder/bowl. A variety of recycled textured stained glass scrap was used on this bowl: blues, greens, reds, yellows, browns, teal, and some colored glass pebbles as focal points. Each piece of glass is hand cut to create a unique floral retro style geometric designs on all four sides. Grouted dark gray with some glitter added before grout dried out, and sealed for moisture protection.

This candleholder/bowl is made with recycled materials only: a heavy clear glass square candleholder and transparent textured glass scrap. A few tea light candles will light up this large colorful glass mosaic to a beautiful ray of colors. It also looks great in the window, and it makes an excellent snack bowl

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