Bandana No Tie Head Scarf Black Teal Cotton Polyester No Tie Chemo Head Covering

Bandana No Tie Head Scarf Black Teal Stretchy Cotton Polyester Chemo Head Covering.

Most bandanas are meant to be folded over in an exact triangle before tying on your head. This doesn’t always work for anyone needing full coverage at the back of their head because there is always an area on either side of the tied area that you have to fuss with to cover the back of your head. I spent the better part of a 3 day weekend designing this great bandana. After several iterations, (and lots of wasted fabric), I’m happy with my design, which I’m calling the “No-Tie Easy Bandana”. With a nice, soft cotton poly blend fabric on the inside, the Easy Bandana is paired with a fun stretchy printed polyester fabric on the outside. Already shaped into a customized, softly ‘tweaked’ triangle, it’s a cute, quick, easy-to-wear head covering with no tying required. Just center on your head, gather the fabric at your nape, and secure with a pony tail elastic. No need to remove the elastic when you remove the bandana…just leave it in. When you want to wear it again, simply put it on, and pull the two outer ‘tails away from each other slightly, in order to ‘snug’ the bandana up against your head. If you want, you can tie on an extra matching sash (sold separately).

Hand made in Northern California

Hand wash with a gentle cleansing agent, lay flat to dry.

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They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and I can attest to that! Starting just prior to my 16th birthday, I noticed I was losing my hair. I immediately began a quest to find good looking ways to camouflage my hair loss. It took me several years, and lots of tears, before I found exactly what I needed in order to learn to cope with what was happening to me. Searching for wigs, I met a fabulous stylist named Charle and once I bought a beautiful hair piece had it styled by her, I knew I was on my way to conquering this traumatic hair loss experience. Charle and I had a wonderful rapport, and began a warm and supportive friendship that is still going strong to this day. I joined her business shortly after we met, and began consulting with other women with hair loss, encouraging them in their own quest to find ways to cope. I started writing about hair loss in a quarterly newsletter, and was a founding member of the first women’s support group for Androgenetic Alopecia. I was invited to participate in a women’s panel on hair loss and appeared on The Today Show (interviewed by Katie Couric). In addition, Charle and I both appeared on the Dr. Dean Edell television show in San Francisco, talking about the emotional issues of women’s hair loss. All very cathartic! As beautiful as my hair piece was, there were times when I couldn’t or didn’t want to wear it. I also noticed my hair replacement customers wearing unattractive, ill-fitting baseball caps as alternatives to wearing their hair pieces in hot weather, while exercising, etc. This lead me to design a collection of Headwraps, Sleep Caps, Yoga headbands, spa caps and accessories for women as an alternative to wearing hair pieces. I called my collection Headwrap of Marin. Several years ago, life happened, (as it always does!) and I needed to make a career change. Sadly, I was no longer able to offer my Headwraps. Now to the good news! The Headwrap of Marin lady is back! I have found a wonderful seamstress in Christine Vanni, and I have improved my original design of finely detailed, beautifully crafted Headwraps and accessories. This Headwrap of Marin collection, made in Northern California, is offered on my website: In addition to Headwraps and accessories, I also offer handmade jewelry to coordinate with the Headwrap collection. I love having my Headwrap business and enjoy helping women feel pretty again, regardless of the type of hair loss they have.

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    Is this a sewing pattern? Where can I buy this? Tia

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