Baby Girl Cake Topper and Keepsake

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Every little girl is a princess! Celebrate your little lovely with this beautiful “Future Princess” Keepsake/Cake Topper. Created with handmade (non toxic but not edible) cold porcelain clay and handpainted- this little darling sleeps, nestled in the “glass slipper” she may one day wear!
The base of this cake topper is made from styrofoam. This can be placed on your cake, over a piece of wax paper or parchment paper. After the party, simply remove it and keep it on your sweetie’s dresser in the nursery! I love the idea of being able to keep a topper rather than having to discard it after the party. I chose cold-porcelain clay for this because it is quite durable and will last years if handled properly and kept away from temperature and moisture. The base of the styrofoam is 5″ diameter – it will look amazing on any cake 5″ and over. The baby is approximately 2 inches in length and the “glass” slipper is made from plastic. This is such an adorable and unique find- colors are customizable to your preference. 16195030_10210626340587781_605323668549616542_n YES

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