Wood Burned Decorative Plate with Celtic Tree of Life

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Celtic Tree Of Life Wood Burned Decorative Plate
NEW ITEM by Di’s Studio Designs!!

A labor of love, this design is my own creation (not traced from another source) influenced by the beautiful and symbolic Celtic art still found in places like Ireland. The Tree of Life is a powerful symbol in many ancient cultures signifying the concepts of life, birth, and renewal and recognizing our roots as they relate to the cycles of life.

General Description:

A personally designed hand drawing with a Celtic theme was created with grid paper and traced onto an unfinished 11.5” diameter plate, and then painstaking wood burned.

The drawing consists of a stylized Celtic Tree of Life in the center, framed by (4) arced Celtic border knots, each separated by a triskele symbol within a disk shape at the top, bottom, and sides.

Once the artwork was finished, several coats of a low VOC varnish was applied to the front and back of the plate to preserve the art and protect the plate.

Comes with a complimentary 9” walnut colored wooden plate stand.

Plate: 11.5” diameter, 1/2” in depth
Stand: 9”H

Total Weight:
1 lb 2.6 oz

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