Vegan Chakra Crystal Soaps

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Wash with the energy of these beautiful crystal chakra soaps. This beautiful vegan chakra crystal soap set is handmade, handcut and vegan. Each bar has a certain tumblestone crystal and essential oils to enhance each specific Chakra. A beautiful gift for yourself or just about anyone. Wash yourself with the energy of crystals and intention. It is a wonderful cleansing and healing experience.

Higher Self (crown-white)- Frankincense essential oil and a clear Quartz tumblestone inside.

Mystical Perception (third eye-purple)- Clary sage essential oil, gardenia fragrance oil and a amethyst tumble stone inside.

Inner Voice (throat-blue)- Spearmint and lavender essential oils And a sodalite tumblestone inside.

Heart & Soul (heart-green)- Peppermint and geranium essential oil and a green aventurine tumble stone inside.

Sunshine & Strength (solar plexus-yellow)- Ginger and Bergamot essential oils and a citrine tumble stone inside.

Zest for Life (sacral-orange)- Orange and Tangerine essential oils and a carnelian tumble stone inside.

Deepest Connection (base-red)- Cedarwood and Cinnamon Leaf essentials oils and a red jasper tumble stone inside.

Wash with intention and the energy of crystals.

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