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The grey rug

Square (150×150 cm), crochet rug made of soft cotton rope.                           petelkowo petelkowo petelkowo petelkowo petelkowo

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    1. ashley says:

      Hello I’ve been looking through patterns all day I’m a stay at home mom and om board out of my mind I want to do this to know I can can you tell me the pattern or just give a short tutorial I love this rug

    2. Kris says:

      Beautiful rug. Any chance you’re willing to share the pattern instructions?

    3. Ausra says:

      Hello. All day I’ve been watching different types of rugs everywhere, but this is AMAZING. I’m staying in a country where is no heating, but winters are still cold. To buy a carpet it acctually very expensive, so i decided to make one by myself. And here I came up with a little problem… how thick rope you was using? Maybe you could share with me exactly what rope it is and where you got it?
      Thank you so much.

    4. Karil says:

      Love this!!! What did you use? What crochet stitch? Thanks!

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