Talisman of Protection Crystal Orgone Pyramid

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Available in 3 sizes, Talismans are a way of harnessing the spiritual and magical power of the Heavens.Everyone has experienced “luck,” or a period of time when everything went their way and everyone has experienced the opposite – a series of seeming coincidences or chance encounters that resulted in very negative experiences. The truth is that negative atmospheric energies and pollutants, unseen forces, energy from others, as well as unintentional negative feelings from others can affect your life and health. The Talisman of Protection will support the improvement of one’s luck, removing negative energies and protecting against negativity of all kinds.

Within this Orgone Pyramid are very specific crystals that will support and aid you in transmuting any type of negative energy that is around you and the area in which it’s placed. It can be used in a variety of ways to include as an EMF Protector and Chemblaster, as a meditation device or even home décor. It is however, first and foremost, a device that collects and transmutes negative energies of all kinds. Large enough for a large home, place it anywhere in your home, office, sacred spiritual room or anywhere you sense it is needed. Through the science of the piezoelectric effect, it also provides 24/7 Crystal Healing Therapy with its crystals, individually and collectively, being at their absolute highest and brightest.

With a Black Tourmaline crystal inside of a large silver spiral cage at its apex, it contains Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Aluminum shavings, activated charcoal and black sand.

Check out my Etsy listing for more information on the symbolism and crystals within this piece and the power of Orgone Energy!

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About the Author:

After having worked most of my life within the constraints of the corporate world, I decided to leave to pursue interests that were more in-line with my soul's desires. I became a Reiki Master and have worked with many energy healing modalities to include Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Tuning Fork Healing, Angel Card and Tarot Readings and Medicinal Herbs to name a few. I also received my Realm Reader and Aura Alchemist certifications and most recently,became a Chios Energy Practitioner. It was just in the past year however that I started to unleash my creative side by combining this experience with crystals to create Orgonites! With a deep belief in empowering others for their own spiritual healing and growth, I use Source guided inspiration to develop special pieces that are both powerful as well as aesthetically beautiful. Allowing this creative part of me to come out has been so exciting - not only do I get to work with lots of amazing crystals but I get to turn them into amazing resources for others! Life really doesn't get any better!

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