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Sunburst Copper Precious Metal Medallion w Dichroic Glass Pendant with Necklace and GiftBox

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61B6B+sHQBLThis pendant is Handmade in the USA. This Pendant is made using Precious Metal Copper Clay. It is designed into a Round Medallion Style shape. It is kiln fired at temperatures up to 1800 degrees. It gets de scaled in a solution, wire brushed and tumbled for a bright shine and extra hardening. The Dichroic Fused Glass cabochon is handmade by me and secured to the center of the medallion. The Final process is polished with a Jewelers Wax for Shine and Protection The Medallion measures 1.25 inches in diameter. The Handmade cabochon measures .50 inches. ***INCLUDED is a Complimentary 24” Bright Copper Plated Cable Chain Necklace with a lobster clasp and a Ribbon and Box Tie GIFT box*** Thank you for shopping with Lola’s Glass Pendants and More!

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LolasGlassPendants Both of us enjoy being creative and working on crafts. Charlie found his "nitch" working with glass. We find it so exciting when our pieces come out of the kiln! The best part is you are forever learning different techniques with all types of glass. So it's never boring or tedious. It's alot of hard work but we are a team. While Charlie makes the pendants, I'm the one that put the embellishments on some of the tiles. But the "Baker" is Charlie! I'm taking the pictures and loading them up. And doing the write ups. We are always tweaking and trying to make the descriptions better. We both share the responsibility of marketing our Etsy shop. We are constantly brainstorming together and apart. Our Custom Photo Pendants have been extremely successful. We also do craft fairs and street festivals on weekends. So in my "spare time" I make Bracelets and Custom Glass Block Lights

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