Stay Wild Boho Baby Bodysuit

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Celebrate baby with this stay wild boho baby outfit. Loving that boho style? Dress your little one in the cutest boho fashion ever with this super soft monochrome stay wild baby bodysuit. Designed in my home studio, this little Stay Wild Boho Baby Top is great for outings with your little one. Great for new baby gifts, baby showers, birthdays and more.

This stay wild boho bodysuit is designed with a cute cheeky style font and ready for your little Wild Child to wear.

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About the Author:

Gypsy Junk Clothing Trunk was inspired out of my own personal tastes in clothing and lifestyle that I wanted to share it with others. I offer tanks, t-shirts, hoodies, baby onesies, coffee mugs and various gifts that are made from a bit of gypsy flare. I have always been a wanderer, looking for adventure, ready to dance in the rain, and being just a little silly. This shop was born out of things I love.... to be in touch with my inner Gypsy ( I am a Gemini), and share my adventure with you all. From there, a store was born out of passion and desire to be able to be my own little gypsy and have the ability to freely raise my children, spend time at home with my family, crazy pets, and enjoy the life of a clothing shop owner and free spirited artist. Gypsy Junk Clothing Trunk is the creation of free spirited clothing, decals, decor, baby attire, and accessories from my company Enchanted Design Studio. Thank you to all who support my work and my passion. It is because of you all that I get to work at home with my kids, my crazy sphynx cats, one lug of a dog and be able to have the freedom to create. Thank you all for sharing my passion and giving me a story...

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