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Spring Forward with Handmade!

Daylight savings time is upon us but do you know how it started?  Many think that it was to benefit the farmers, but that is just not true.  Throughout history, farmers adjusted to the daylight hours without worrying about the time on the clock face…work when it is light and sleep when it is not is not rocket science!  No, daylight saving time (not savings like so many think) was actually a fuel saving measure.  Government implemented daylight saving time, or “Fast Time” as it was called was introduced in 1918 and repealed 7 months later.  It wasn’t until 1942 that Roosevelt instituted the time change as we know it now.


Whether or not you like or even agree with taking an hour from one end of the day and adding to the other to make a “longer” day, one thing that I love about the time change is that it means spring is around the corner!  In honor of the time change, may I present to you some amazing works of handmade art in honor of time!

daylight saving time spring forward art

Time is Askew Steampunk Bracelet

steampunk clockwork bracelet jewelry

Uniqlets creates a masterpiece that will surely get you noticed wherever you go!  Complete with gears and clock parts, this timely bracelet is a showstopper perfect for any occasion.

Dinner Time Clockwork Pot Holder

clock handmade pot holder

Need some extra time in the kitchen?  These darling pot holders from the darling shop of Bead N Knot features a classic pocket watch which will add some style to a necessary kitchen tool….after all, no reason not to have all your tools look good!

bath time soaps set of 2

handmade soap

One time I actually look forward to cleaning is in the spring!  But why stop with the house when you can lather up and scrub the winter dust off yourself?  Now you can with this lush Bath Time handmade soap from Normas Bath and Body!


About the Author:

A life long crafter, I found my passion in painting on glass, especially toasting glasses for brides, as well as chainmaille jewelry in between chasing my two boys to various sports events and clubs. This passion for handmade led my husband and I to start the and our passion for getting other handmade artists seen no matter where they sell led to acquiring It's Better Handmade! My hope is that by working with other creative people more buyers will come to understand the true value of handmade.

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