Seashell necklace, real seashells in handmade resin necklace on silver chain, beach jewelry

Seascape Necklace


Original seashell necklace

Original, premium quality seashell necklace with real seashells, seaweed and a metal seahorse, $29.95


It’s a unique, premium quality beach jewelry piece made of real colorful seashells, seaweed and a tiny metal seahorse cast in resin. The handmade, seashell necklace pendant measures 1,5″. This one-of-a-kind necklace looks beautiful!


front and back view of the handmade resin pendant


• Silver chain: 22 inches, snake chain
• Pendant size: 1,5 inches long or 4 cm and 1 inch wide; the measured size doesn’t include the bail.
• Packaging: white, 2×3″ gift box with a clear window and a cotton pillow to rest the beach jewelry on. The color of a bow may differ from the picture.
• Shipping: 1-3 business days via USPS First class mail, domestic ($3-5) and international orders ($15-20) on average
• Seashell jewelry = Seascape Necklace is a perfect vacation preserved in a handmade necklace!

Inspired by the ocean’s natural beauty, real seashells, tiny pieces of corals, and other organic ephemera of marine life are captured in clear, artistic pendants that are cast in resin. I want to bring the sun and the beaches into every beach jewelry piece I make. The handmade Seascape Necklace is made with love and care. Like your best vacation memories, these handmade necklaces forever preserve your impressions of a sunny beach.

a 2x3 gift box

a 2×3 gift box

Every necklace comes in a gift box.


seashell necklace on silver chain

I offer a special store opening sale running till the end of the month!

FREE shipping within the U.S. Expires March 31

FREE shipping within the U.S. Expires March 31

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