Scarf of Many Colors

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Scarf of Many Colors (1024x768)Add a pop of color to your wardrobe with this eye-catchingly beautiful scarf!
Soft, warm, and machine washable, but I do recommend a mesh bag and dry flat for best results. Measures 7″ wide x 68″ long
Crocheted with Lion Brand Landscapes in Boardwalk Promenade

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About the Author:

When a car accident disabled me almost 2 years ago, I used the time in bed to teach myself to crochet. At first it was just something to focus on other than the constant pain I was in (and a cure for boredom) but I quickly learned it could also help supplement my income and help support my family. Since my husband's major back surgery almost 10 years ago, I have been the bread winner and earner for our family so, when I became disabled it was devastating and soon we were forced to move in with my Dad. While I would love to do craft shows, markets, and really get out there, I am still unable to and rely on word of mouth and social media. So, your Likes, Comments, & Shares really mean a lot to me! Please jump in and interact...ask questions, make comments (positive, polite comments only please), like, share, and spread the word! I really do appreciate all of the support! Thank you and have a wonderful day! ? Don't forget to send me a pic of that pinterest item you loved for a quote! ?

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