Rustic Wooden Wall Cross with stained glass Mosaic Inlay

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A rustic handmade wooden wall cross inlaid with textured copper-gold-silver stained glass mosaic.

This cross makes a unique wall decor that combines fine craftsmanship in two mediums – glass and wood. This beautiful wooden hanging cross is finely handcrafted by experienced woodworker (my father) in his small wood shop. Sides and back of the cross are stained reddish-brown and slightly distressed for rustic appearance showing beautiful natural grain of the wood.

I finished this cross with a unique copper-gold-silver Van Gogh stained glass that beautifully complements warmth of the wood. Each piece of glass is hand cut and laid into a thick handmade wooden cross, grouted light gray to math silver touches of the glass, and sealed with grout sealer.

The colors of the glass makes this cross versatile for warm or cool interiors; it has earthy copper-gold brown and cool silver gray that reflect light depending on the surrounding color.

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