Red and Green Stained Glass Mosaic Picture Frame, Upcycled Wooden Frame

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Red and green stained glass mosaic picture frame made with stained glass scrap pieces on an upcycled wooden picture frame.

This small festive Christmas frame is made with a variety of recycled red, green and gold stained glass scrap. Each glass piece is hand cut and glued to a recycled wooden frame, grouted light grout and sealed. A little gold glitter sprinkled before grout dried out.

The sides and back of the frame are left original light natural wood. I added a fresh layer of lacquer to freshen up the beautiful wood. Please note this mosaic frame is made on a refurbished, small, well-made light wood frame.

Colorful Holiday décor to hold your special memory.

Vertical/Horizontal tabletop display.

Photo: 3.5″ x 5″ | Frame: 7″ x 9″

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