Rainbow Angel Wing Necklace, Titanium Aura Quartz Agate – Anime, Sailor Moon Jewellery – Gemstone Jewelry OOAK

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This little beauty makes the heart soar!

It is created with a distressed black wing, black copper materials, and a gorgeous Rainbow Titanium Agate druze bead. The golden colors in the bead bring out the distress in the black wing wonderfully.

The chain is 18 inches long

Titanium (Dark Rainbow, Flame) Aura Agate
~Activates all chakras and energy centers
~Fills with zest for life and clearing of all past energy and emotional blocks
~Created in a vacuum chamber; naturally bonding Titanium vapor to Quartz Crystal
~Provides insight into all relationships
~Of the God Hermes; quick wit and intelligence
~Evokes warrior mentality of strength and action
~Protects from electromagnetic fields of technology
~Stimulate passion, creativity, and sexuality
~Master and multidimensional healer
~Used to highten immune and endocrine systems, allow greater reception of love, bring full balance
~Activate Third Eye and psychic energy

*This necklace also comes with a sustainably sourced cardstock reference card listing these properties.*

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I am artist driven by the love of using natural and recycled materials. Also a spiritual guide, life coach, and healer. I love life and spreading this love to all!

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