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Primitive Wooden Wall Cross, Brown Moss Hanging Cross, Mosaic Cross, Rustic Wooden Cros

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Primitive wooden wall cross with earthy stained glass mosaic inlay.

This is a finely handcrafted (by my father) long, 2″-wide wooden wall cross that I finished with stained glass scrap as a mosaic. Each piece of stained glass is hand cut and inlaid into wooden cross, grouted dark charcoal and sealed with grout sealer. Sides and back of the cross are stained reddish-brown and slightly distressed to give rustic appearance and show beautiful grain of the wood.

The muted colors of stained glass complement warm wood making this two-medium cross unique and one-of-a-kind. I used really beautiful batch of glass scrap with patterns that include many shades of brown, amber, deep moss and earthy greens. The glass piece in the center features all the shades. The quiet earthy colors come alive when exposed to bright light or sun; browns become vibrant and intense with green accents becoming more prominent.

A keyhole on the back made with an old Lithuanian coin (litas) that is no longer country’s currency. Signed on the back.

Ask me to make you a cross for any special occasion, like Christening, Baptism or First Communion. I have beautiful stained glass pieces of any color. Ask for other sizes.

Size: 11.25″ x 6.5″ (0.5″ thick)

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