Pink Lily Basket Arrangement

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Beautiful and vibrant lily flower arrangement. To create this piece I used pink ombre lillies, light pink tulips, bold purple and pink daisies, and sprigs of purple and pink hebe flowers. To finish the look, I added light green speckled ivy leaves and a few longer, darker green leaves to give the arrangement that realistic touch. This silk flower centerpiece is anchored with floral foam, and sits in a dark purple hand-painted paper mache egg basket. The arrangement is full of bold flowers that will really stand out anywhere you place it. These faux flowers are a summer floral centerpiece that you can use anywhere in your house for table decor. This would also make a truly unique house warming gift.

All of my arrangements are one of a kind, so you can be rest assured that you or the lucky person you are buying this for will be the only one in the world with this particular arrangement.

Approximate Measurements:

Egg Basket Width: 6 inches
Egg Basket Height: 4 inches
Egg Basket + Flower Width: 11 inches
Egg Basket + Flower Height: 9 inches

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