Pet Sympathy Heart Ornament

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A beautiful pet memorial glass heart ornament. This truly is a gorgeous ornament that can be displayed all year round. The heart ornament is filled with with a diamond ice high luster gem confetti. It is delicate yet sturdy. A paw print charm with Swarovski®AG Crystals is hung from the top of the ornament.

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Creative Glass By Becky

About the Author:

I love to create things. Working with glass is one of my favorite things to do. My first love is working with Gallery Glass. It is an acrylic paint that when it dries resembles stained glass. I love making framed art with it to hang in a window to show off it's beauty. I also use it in my light glass blocks. I love using glitter and feathers and bling and try to incorporate it in my handmade items as much as I can. My vases are a good example of that. Everything I make is made with love and I take great pride in my work, which makes me my worst critique. If I am not creating something, I am thinking about what I am going to do next.

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