Pearl Fleck Crochet Boot Cuffs, Fingerless Gloves, Bow Headband

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Just in time for cooler weather! And we are hearing that this winter will be coming sooner, getting colder, and staying longer. Must have crochet shell stitch boot cuffs, cozy fingerless gloves, and lovely ear warming bow headband. These may be purchased individually or at a discount as a set. Just contact me and let me know your preference. You may also request a set custom made to size and color. I am always happy to accommodate! And we all know how Christmas tends to sneak up on us even faster each year! So, be sure to get these now before they are gone, or custom order what you want while there is still time. While you are at Anna’s Custom Crochet store, be sure to look around and see what else might tickle your fancy!Shell Boot CuffShell Fingerless GloveShell Fingerless GlovesBow Headband

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