Organic Handmade Coffee Scrub with Coconut oil.

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*What is it? The best all natural coffee scrub made simply with organic coffee grounds and organic coconut oil which gives it that dark brown color.

*The packaging it comes in is a large 8 oz jar.There is no caring for it other than closing the lid all the way to prevent it drying out, you can leave it in the shower or wherever you want.

*Packed full of nutrient rich coconut oil which is known to reduce cellulite and help fade blemishes. Coconut oil also intensely moisturizers skin for a long lasting silky smooth feeling. The naturally occurring caffeine in the coffee helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and other discolorations and blemishes.

*Everyone should buy this product that wants glowing radiant skin; especially those who want to tighten and firm their skin since caffeine is known to do so. This scrub is very course and grainy due to the coffee grounds yet smooth at the same time from the coconut oil.

*It works by simply scrubbing your entire body even your face if you wish while in the shower then simply rinsing off. I believe this product is better than all the others due to the fact that it is made with all organic ingredients but it is also made with love by ONE person, yes one I make it all!

*Everything you see in the pictures above is what you get.

*The best part of it is if you order it all comes beautifully gift wrapped in handmade packaging! This product is a must have for anyone who loves body scrubs.

***Claims have not been tested and evaluated by the FDA***

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I am a 28 year old mother of two amazing boys. I handcraft made to order organic skin care items and I am also a blogger. I love what I do and making people happy! I live in South Carolina in a very small town. I have been selling my products for roughly 6 months now and I can't wait to see what's in store for me next!

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