Ocean Wave Wire Wrapped Necklace with Sea Color Stones

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wave pendant 5 WM
This artisan wire and stone necklace combines rosy bright copper wire wrapping and natural stones and pearls in sea colors of blue, blue green, aqua, and frothy sea foam white. The pendant design is suggestive of a curling wave that reveals a pearl in its crest. The necklace is presented on a bright pure copper chain, finished to 16 inches long so the wave pendant will show its delicate features on your open neckline. The ocean wave necklace is available at Pebbles At My Feet (dot) com.

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Pebbles at my Feet

About the Author:

I am Pamela Hollis, from South Park in Colorado. I am a biologist by degree, an engineering business manager and technical writer by career, a ski instructor, creative cook, musician, and jewelry artisan. I love stones - picking them up and putting them in my pocket, polishing them, collecting them, displaying them on windowsills, and creating jewelry with them. I also love working with metal wire and sheet. Pebbles at my Feet designs are influenced by Nature, fueled by my childhood memories of my father's lapidary hobby, and colored by the places I've lived. Every piece has a stone it it somewhere! I am inspired by them: their color, polish, and light play. My work is also influenced by the earth, snow, rivers, and skies of South Park and the mountains of central Colorado. I strive for immediacy in my jewelry - as if I was making a daisy chain in the field, only using wire and stones. I want Pebbles at my Feet to evoke that childhood joy of found treasure. My simply designed jewelry lets the stone - from humble backyard pebble to luminous gemstone - speak to the wearer.

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