Submission Guidelines


The purpose of letting our valued members to have the ability to submit their new creations on It’s Better Handmade is for exposure. We have been dealing with handmade artists from all over the world for years now and we understand how hard it is to get your name seen by the masses. So, that is the goal; just trying to show a little love and support for our handmade friends.

Now this is entirely free to those who create handmade items. We don’t care where you sell online, anyone is allowed to post. However you must register first and YOUR ITEM MUST BE HANDMADE!

All fields need to filled out the submission form and the more information you include the better.  If you skip fields (such as description or link to your product) or fail to include a picture, your post will be deleted.  There is no way, with the volume of submissions that we receive, for us to correct and edit each and ever post.

Your posts will be put into the line up if every field is submitted.  Depending on the number of posts ahead of you, your post may not go live for a few hours or even a day.  Please be patient as every artist deserves their moment on the front page.


How to submit your product:

  1. The Title should be unique and imaginative. Lets try not to be too pitchy here.
  2. You must upload at least one picture of your product within the description box.  Hit “Upload/Insert” above the description box and a new window will appear.  Add a picture that you want use as your featured image.
  3. Now, type in a detailed description of your product; lets make it more than a few words please.   Just so you know a couple of extra seconds to give a detailed description is worth your weight in SEO value.
  4. Product URL is just that, paste the link here to the product you are promoting.
  5. Tags are important, I would suggest using around 12 or so, key phrases are allowed as well, just separate by commas.
  6. Attachments are optional and not required, but you can use that to add additional images  of your product if you so choose.
  7. Hit submit. Right now all submissions will go into moderation and be approved at intervals so that your piece gets it minute in the spotlight. Once your post is approved you will automatically receive an email.

All posts should be approved within 24 hours, though usually faster.

Now, out of respect for your fellow members of  It’s Better Handmade, please show a little love and support and comment on all the treasures you find here!

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