Naturally super smooth!

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All natural lotion bars to stay smooth without the added chemicals! We have a variety of scents and shapes that we offer and can also do custom colored sets. We love taking on custom orders and if we don’t have a scent or mold that fits your needs we are more than willing to track it down for you!

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About the Author:

Geeky Smooth is a journey I started from the inspiration of my husband. It started with him wanting to make all natural skin care items to help with common ailments. While we did have some options available for us to purchase, a lot of them were considered seasonal and we wanted something we would have access to all the time. Our hope is to continue to have growth in our company and bring others magical things that they never knew existed. Personally, I have the softest skin I have in years since we have started making these products and the special ‘extras’ that I have added lately have been a lot of fun. Our all natural lotion bars were our original product and we have had great success with them. We also continue to use them daily in our home. Since then we have expanded to lip balms, glosses, and massage oils. Our newest products in the works will include bath bombs and bath salts. We also offer some products outside of skin care. Reusable heat/cold packs made from an assortment of fabrics that also have the option to be infused with essential oils. Nerdy crayons that are the perfect size for toddler's hands or for the grown-up nerd who is still a child at heart ? A wide range of items made from Perler beads: Christmas ornaments, coasters, bookmarks, and picture frames at this point. We may add more in the future. In addition to our more regularly stocked items, I also offer many things on a custom basis: custom paintings, outlet/light switch covers, nursery letters, custom painted fan blades, custom drawn puzzles, tutus, wreaths, hair bows, and painted dog tag necklaces/bracelets.

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