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Mermaid Heels

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Mermaid Fade Heels 1
The Mermaid Heels are absolutely stunning. The color fade in this shoe is airbrushed and goes from royal purple to aqua! Each pair is then coated to be water proof, UV resistant and stain resistant!
You have several options available to you with these custom heels! If you select “AS IS” from the drop down menu, you will receive this color faded combination. If you select “CUSTOM” from the drop down menu, you can select your starter color, (in this image it’s purple) and I will create the color fade from there. Please “NOTE” the starter color in your order to me! If you’d like to select several colors to fade or have a specific color fade combination in mind, please feel free to contact me for further assistance! You also have the option of heel height and colored bottoms (soles) for these shoes! If you’d like colored bottoms, please select “CB” from the drop down menu and “NOTE” the color of the bottoms you’d like in your order! If you’d like a different style shoe, please feel free to contact me!
Please allow 1 – 2 weeks for creation!

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