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This tambourine is hand painted by me with 100% natural henna paste which stains in the natural skin of the tambourine.

In the image: 10″ inches (about 25 cm) diameter. Made to order. Some variations can be noticed.

Henna last forever on tambourine or drum skins because they are not living skin and do not exfoliate.

How to take care of your Tambourine?

I recommend letting the henna fall off naturally. Once the henna flake off, the dark orange-brown henna stain will be revealed. The henna stain will deepen over time.

The longer the henna paste stays on the tambourine, the darker the final stain will be. It can take up to 6 months to 1 year for the final color to develop. If you decide you want the paste off the tambourine, scrape the paste off with a credit card or something similar.

If you want to use the tambourine for home decor only, try not to touch it very much, because the henna is meant to flake off.

Material: Sheepskin drumhead, wooden ring and stainless steel wipes
Available sizes: 6″ inches (about 15 cm), 8″ inches (about 20 cm) or 10″ inches (about 25 cm)
Height: about 1.8″ inches (about 4.5 cm)
With a round hole of 2.5 cm diameter and 4 pairs of steel wipes

Please note that the tambourines will be made to order. Once the design is free hand, little differences can be noticed.

Because this is a handmade piece, some imperfections can be visible. I hope you can appreciate each part of my job, even the imperfections, as a piece of art.

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Freelance Journalist and Henna Artist from Portugal. 100% Natural Henna. Find me at: www.filomenamehendi.pt www.FilomenaMehendi.etsy.com www.instagram.com/filomenamehendi www.facebook.com/filomenamehendi www.twitter.com/filomenamehendi

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