Lighted Freyja Tree Topper

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Pink Freyja Collage
Who is Freyja?

Dressed in lilac & gold and cloaked in feathers, her hair the color flax, Freyja brings love and desire to Midgard! Freyja was sent as a hostage to the Aesir to end a terrible war between her people, the Vanir, and Aesir, along with her brother and father. She has influence over most of the same things as Odin himself: magic, battle, life, death, sexuality… the list goes on. When her husband, Odr, left her, Freyja searched throughout Midgard for him. Where her tears fell on land they became gold and where they fell in water they became amber. Freyja taught her women’s magic, seidr, to Odin in exchange for him teaching her the knowledge of the runes. She spent one night of lovemaking with each of the four swartalfar (dwarves) who crafted her magical necklace, Brisingamen.

Method & Materials

This sculpture is made of needle felted wool with a wire frame for structure and flexibility and doubles as a Yule tree topper. Freyja wears a necklace in the traditional Viking era style suspended between turtle brooches to represent Brisingamen, her symbol of power. She also wears a feather cloak to represent her cloak of falcon feathers, which gave her the ability to fly. The gold fabric of her Viking apron dress is sparkly, so she’ll dress up your Yule tree. Freyja has LED lights just under her “skin,” clothes, and hair, they require three AA batteries (not included). She has been lightly sprayed with a fine spray glitter to give your Yule tree some extra bling, though not so much that she’s messy or that she needs to hide the rest of the year. In the tradition of old, she is faceless. Place her on a shelf, altar, or Yule tree to add some spice to your life!

While this item looks like a doll, it isn’t meant for children.

approx 13? tall x 5.5? diameter

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