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Lemon Balm Powder, Chemical-Free, Free shipping & a free gift, Order now!

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Lemon Balm Powder, Chemical-Free, Free shipping & a free gift, Order now!

Our Home Farm Herbery Lemon Balm Powder has a delicate lemon flavor, and can be used in many dishes. The lemon balm powder can be added to a dish to add a lemony zest to sweet or tangy dishes. It combines well with allspice, bay leaves, mint, pepper, rosemary and thyme.

For best results with cooking with lemon balm powder is that it should be added at the end of cooking. They are less potent if you add them during the cooking process.

Lemon Balm Powder is a wonderful addition to fruit juices, herb butters, fruit drinks, and sorbets. It can also be used in many egg dishes, custards, a variety of soups and casseroles. Lemon Balm makes a great addition for stuffing for poultry, lamb or pork. Its subtle flavor is a perfect for sauces and marinades for fish. Lemon Balm Powder combines well with many spices including chervil, pepper, thyme, and parsley.
Lemon balm Powder is often used as a flavoring in ice cream and herbal teas, both hot and iced, often in combination with other herbs such as spearmint. It is also frequently paired with fruit dishes or candies. It can be used in fish dishes and is the key ingredient in lemon balm pesto. It has been suggested that it might be a better, healthier preservative than beta hydroxy acid in sausages
Lemon balm has a long-standing reputation for promoting calmness and relaxation. As such, the herb is found in sachets, herbal pillows and potpourri, often in combination with other herbs like hops, chamomile, valerian and lavender. The powdered herb is encapsulated as a dietary supplement or is tinctured.

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We pay for the shipping and include a free herb, herb blend, tea sampler or heirloom seed of our choice. Order now!

We thank you in advance for your purchase as 100% of our net proceeds go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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