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Hyssop Powder Organic, Order now, FREE shipping

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Hyssop Powder Organic, Order now, FREE shipping

At Home Farm Herbery we know that both the flowers and leaves are edible and you can use them like other powdered delicate herbs in pastas, and summer soups. If you grow Hyssop the flowers can be used for garnishes. We are offering our Organic Hyssop in a powder form. A few ounces will last for months with no decrease in quality when you just store your hyssop in a dark, airtight container.

Just sprinkle some in stocks and soups, along with some lemon juice. In robust braises, such as lamb shoulder, you can use it to replace some or all of the mint in a recipe, and with other strong flavors in the pot you won’t even have to worry about infusion.

There are some more interesting uses as well: It’s sometimes combined with fresh cheeses, baked into pita bread, or added to a glaze for vegetables like carrots. It’s great as a change-up from sage in your browned butter sauces for gnocchi, or anywhere you’d use sage for that matter. Hyssop is used in some Greek and Israeli cooking, and it also plays well with herbs used there.

Hyssop Powder really shines in sweets. You can infuse it when used in small amounts, hyssop is a champion of dried herbs, as versatile as it is unique.
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1 oz to bulk sizes available. Place your order today.

Today, the plant is cultivated by beekeepers to ensure sweet, fragrant honey.

Dried and powdered hyssop is used to make poultices, tinctures and infusions for use as a mouthwash or eye wash.

Thanks for your order and remember 100% of our net proceeds go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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