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Handmade sterling silver, leather and exotic woods necklace

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Unique and beautiful handmade ethnic necklace made of exotic reclaimed woods, sterling silver and leather. You can adjust it to wear it long or as a choker. Pretty front and back. Stunning with a plunging back dress or open back top. Take a look at our collections at chonta-necklace-facebook

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About the Author:

As I traveled through South America with my family over the years, it occurred to me that the existing local craftsmanship often revealed treasures well hidden from North America. The quality, singularity and creativity of these gems deserves to travel the world and be promoted. Artisans often trek from remote villages to attend weekend fairs in bigger cities in order to sell their products. My idea is to give them a platform through which they can reach more people, share their creations and promote the human story behind the product. As for myself, I have always enjoyed traveling, painting and visiting local marketplaces to experience the culture and legacy of the countries I visit, as well as the local people I was fortunate to meet. The idea for this project was born out of a strong desire to combine passion and personal values by creating a collaborative project that would allow me to tap into my work experience, while actively contributing to the success of South American artisans and having fun doing it. This project aims to provide artisans in South America with a platform through which they can reach more people, share their creations and promote the human story behind the product. The sea lion integrated within the logo symbolizes the creativity and the imagination of those artisans, in addition to supporting the promise of our name – Seal of Zaz. This seal of approval indicates that each product has been personally selected and inspected to ensure quality. Our collection has been handpicked to offer you original quality pieces that will satisfy a broad array of tastes. The measure of our success is defined by our ability to satisfy both our customers and the artisans. Seal of Zaz is dedicated to: Providing consumers with unique and amazing pieces Helping artisans build sustainable businesses while promoting art and creativity Encouraging people to buy handcrafted products instead of mass-produced items. The beauty of the future should celebrate the uniqueness of each individual and the power we have to change things.

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