Handmade Gemstone Locket Pendant

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Beautiful locket necklace with tourmaline and gold heart charm. The glass pendant sits on a two toned gold plated and silver chain. The locket is filled with green and pink multi colored genuine natural faceted tourmaline gemstones and one gold heart charm. This necklace makes the best gift for any woman who loves jewelry.Photo Jun 07, 5 59 30 PM.jpgPhoto Jun 07, 6 16 34 PM.jpgPhoto Jun 07, 5 59 30 PM.jpg

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Marked by intricate patterns, delicate shapes and colorful stones, By Mai's pieces reflect a quiet luminescence and signature grace. Each piece is handcrafted using precious metals and authentic gemstones. I am Inspired by organic forms, classic materials and modern sensibility. The pieces pronounce a distinct sense of warmth and character, much like the women who wear them.

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