Handmade Art Quilt

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The View From My Window Front

I took a photo of the lovely tree outside my window on a VERY snowy day a few weeks ago. Looking at that photo, I decided that it might actually be a quilt. This is the result!

This quilt is completely crafted by me. All of the quilting is done by hand, one stitch at a time. The quilt has wonderful loft, which gives it great dimension.

Who knows what I will quilt next? !!The View From My Window Loft

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About the Author:

I truly love what I do... whether it's knitting that perfect pair of booties or hand-quilting my latest creation, it's a labor of love. Though I'm creating a commercial environment for my work, I don't want to lose that passion. For this reason, you won't find hundreds of items in my store. Each and every item will be made with care and great attention to the details. My grandmother taught me to knit and sew before color TV was invented! Most of my knitting comes from her patterns which she claimed were her mothers - which would date them in the late 1800s! This is what gives my knitting its old-fashioned, classic style. I am a self-taught quilter. I learned that from books years ago. But primarily, I'm an artist. My medium is fabric and yarn!

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