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Green clip earrings with potential add perfume. This is perfume jewelry and you can add your favorite fragrance in this clip earrings.

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green clip earringsThis is green clip earrings for woman who has not pierced ears and they can add perfume in this clip earrings.

The lightweight nature of polymer clay makes these earrings not heavy so they don’t pull on ears. Approximate weight of both clip earrings: 0,88 oz (25 grams)

These perfume jewelry is great for women who has not pierced ears and can’t use perfume on their skin. Fragrance jewelry give long lasting scents for the active life.

Add fragrance to the earrings and enjoy the scent for ca. 4 weeks.
Just to drip perfume to the back of this clip on earrings 🙂
Fragrance not included:) You can use your favorite perfume.

Pattern this clip earrings is unique and will never be repeated. They are all done by hand – beads, glitter pattern, five layers of lacquer and polishing 🙂

Size clip earrings: 1.14 inches (2.9 cm)

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My jewelry made entirely by hand. Each of these jewelry is unique and the only one of its kind. My tutorials will teach you, how you will be able to make such jewelry by your own hands. My tutorials are very detailed and are designed for people who have never worked with polymer clay. On my jewelries there is no paint, only polymer clay, mixed, and twisted in a special way and a little glitter to shine. I hope you will enjoy :)

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