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Gothic pendant with potential add essential oils in it. Pendant fang with swirl. Brown pendant. Gothic jewelry. Scented Jewelry

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Brown pendant fang with potential add essential oils or your favorite perfume in it.

Brown pendantCan’t use perfumes on your skin, but want to smell nice all evening? Try our scent-able pendant. What’s the best part about this pendant? You can add your own fragrance to the pendant and enjoy the scent for 4 weeks! Just drip your favorite perfume on the backside and smell nice all day without any skin irritations.

Our Scent-able pendant are hand created with Polymer Clay (pattern on each may be slightly different from the other due to the nature of creating this original beautiful item!)

Make a statement when wearing this pendant with the swirling colors of brown, black, white, and a touch of gold. These colors and swirls are prefect for all year round.

100% unique handmade!

Size of the pendant: 3.5 inches (9 cm)
Length adjustable lace: 18 – 20.5 inches long (45 – 52 cm)

This pendant will be slightly different from what picture shown as they are all unique in patterns.

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My jewelry made entirely by hand. Each of these jewelry is unique and the only one of its kind. My tutorials will teach you, how you will be able to make such jewelry by your own hands. My tutorials are very detailed and are designed for people who have never worked with polymer clay. On my jewelries there is no paint, only polymer clay, mixed, and twisted in a special way and a little glitter to shine. I hope you will enjoy :)

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