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Glowing Heart of Ice Bath Bomb Set

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Glowing Ice Heart 2
The Glowing Heart of Ice Bath Bomb Set is perfect for Valentine’s Day!! The Heart of Ice Bath Bombs are an ice blue color throughout with silver sparkles that make it look like fresh snow and ice! The bath bombs are 3″ long and appx. 2″ wide!!!! They come as a set of two!
You can choose the scent of your heart fizzies!!! The available scents are Coconut, Pina Colada, Cotton Candy, Cucumber Melon, Strawberry, Awapuhi & Seaberry, Ocean Breeze, Peach, Plumeria, Apple Cider, Amber, Ambrosia, Almond, Banana, Apple, Apricot, Azalea, Basil, Bamboo, Bay Rum, Blueberry, Brown Sugar, Bubble Gum, Sandalwood, Clary Sage, Orange, Rose, Autumn Wreath, Candy Cane, Candy Corn, Caramel Corn, Cinnamon, Coffee Cake, Cupcake, Chocolate Mint, Caramel Apple, Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Bergamot, Lavender and Jasmine. If you’d like each Heart of Gold Bath Bomb to be a different scent, please “NOTE” that in your order, or you will receive two (2) bath bombs of the same scent! If you’d like a scent that isn’t listed, please feel free to contact me for further assistance!
You can also choose your Glow shade! Please keep in mind, all of these colors will not be vibrant colors, they will be pale like the aqua shown above, however they will glow!
“NOTE” The aqua really does glow Aqua just as all the other colors glow their colors! However taking a picture of the glow has blown out green! In life, it will be a gorgeous Aqua!
The Heart of Ice Bath Bombs also make great party favors! If you’re in need of more than the available quantity, contact me so that I may create a custom listing for you!
Please allow 1 – 2 weeks for creation!

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