Glittery Green Gourd Ornament with Hanging Glass Ornament Inside

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This little gourd is painted with holiday green glitter paint on the outside and is white with crystal glitter on the inside. A green glass ornament with white snowflakes dangles inside the gourd. You can see the little ornament through an opening cut in the bowl of the gourd. A silver ?” wide braided ribbon bow decorates the front of the glittery gourd, and the same silver ribbon is used to hang the ornament on your tree or wherever you care to display it!

The gourd itself is about 4 ¾ inches tall and about 2 inches wide at the widest part of the bowl. The glass ornament inside the gourd is about ¾” across.

This glittery green gourd ornament with hanging glass ornament inside would be a unique complement to your holiday decorations! 5707a green gourd orn5707 green gourd orn5709a green gourd orn5711 green gourd orn5710 green gourd orn

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I am a nature scavenger, picking up seashells, driftwood, rocks, geodes, crystals, gourds, pinecones and whatever else catches my eye. I like to display these treasures in my home. Sometimes they are displayed as is, and sometimes they are “dressed up” to enhance their natural beauty or to make them wearable. I grow most of the gourds that I craft, buying extra-thick types or certain shapes that I can’t or don’t grow here in northwest Ohio. I like to try different techniques and work with a variety of materials so you will find many different types of pieces for sale in my shop.

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