Genuine Natural Sea Glass Stud Earrings

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I recently came upon a whole bunch of gorgeous natural sea glass and have been totally obsessed by it (read: wayyy more sea glass jewelry to come!). I love the organic shapes of natural sea glass, so I chose not to grind these down; thus, each stone is totally unique and in its natural ocean-weathered form.

I currently have two pairs of these stud earrings for sale: one with white sea glass (stones about 1.5 inches tall) and one with sky blue sea glass (stones about 1 inch tall). The white is very elegant, but I am in love with the color of the blue pair. It looks especially pretty when the light hits it.

The earring posts are silver-toned stainless steel, with soft rubber backings. The backings stay on well and are easy on the ears; plus, they are easy to put on and remove.

These earrings would make a great gift for sea glass fans, or anyone who loves the beach and the ocean. And if that person is YOU…well…treat yo’self.

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